Nestled along the picturesque Oaxacan Coast

La Barca


Our charming budget-friendly hotel that offers a comfortable and affordable stay without the extravagant amenities. This hotel is perfect for travelers who prioritize simplicity, affordability, and a chance to experience the natural beauty of the region.

Everything You Need To Maake Yourself at Home


The upstairs rooms come with a full size fridge, sink, cooktop, and utensils so you can prepare your own meals in comfort. Economy rooms have a shared outdoor kitchen.


All rooms come with in-suite bathrooms with shower and sink.

Outdoor Space

La Barca offers outdoor communal areas where you can relax and embrace the peaceful ambiance. You will find hammocks strung oustide the rooms, inviting you to sway gently in the ocean breeze as you read a book or simply enjoy the tranquility. These areas provide a space for reflection and rejuvenation, allowing you to escape the demands of modern life and reconnect with your inner self.


What others say

"This is such a sweet quite place. I was traveling as a solo lady and felt quite safe and cozy here. I attended Hridaya yoga school some days and often just enjoyed being so close to the sea and did a lot of "me". The rooms are nice and clean... The price is hard to beat especially on the beach and its location is so nice being near everything but also tucked in its nook."
״A few minutes walk from Mazunte, this place is one of the most peaceful you can find in town and it has a great view, especially from the upper rooms we stayed in. It is not a luxury hotel but we had all the amenities we needed including free, decent Wifi. It has great rates compared to the main beach in Mazunte.״

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